What’s New Edius X Pro

Background rendering
Allows export and rendering without stopping editing
・ Sequence export
priority setting (high / medium / low) and comment input
・ Batch export
・ Clip rendering
・ Waveform cache
・ Proxy file etc.

GV Job Monitor
back Tool to manage ground processing
・ Priority change
・ Status toast notification (registration / completion / error)

Layout motion tracking
Two tracking modes that can be used for various purposes
 Fixed mode
Analyze a specific part, fix the target object
 Tracking mode
Analyze moving feature points, follow any object

Bonus content plug-in (Free download)
・ Audio
 Acon Digital EDIUS Editions
Compressor, noise reduction, reverberation, limiter
transition / video effect
 proDAD VitaScene V4 EDIUS Edition
Various effects including intelligent smooth transition
・ Titra
 NewBlue Titler Pro 7 for EDIUS X
Rich design High-performance titler equipped with many templates

 Equipped with a draft preview mode
Significantly improves the response during editing by lowering the resolution during high-resolution RAW and ProRes playback during high-load effects
 H.265 / HEVC export using NVIDIA graphic card
 Improved visibility of the user interface
Draws boundaries in each part while making the color more subdued
 Improved operation response by GUI optimization
Load / save project, mount on player, match frame jump, switch sequence, time Line scale change, redraw, undo / redo, etc.
 Speed ​​up multicam audio sync engine (when analyzing when the number of clips increases, etc.)

Mync  hybrid media management application

” Mync Standard ” is installed as an application for integrated management of all media files such as photos and videos . In addition to the latest consumer products such as digital cameras, smartphones, drones and wearable cameras, we also natively support professional camera format media such as XDCAM , P2 and XAVC . AVCHD and MXF formats have complicated file structures, but you can smoothly import and preview them without being aware of the file structure. Metadata such as comments and ratings can be registered for each content, and other rich functions such as storyboard video editing, smart search, tag management, import history, duplicate file search, uploading, and HDR preview are installed. In addition, the contents of ” Mync ” can be expanded from the EDIUS source browser, which helps improve the workflow. In the future, Mync will be a bridge for EDIUS X.

Connect everything and go ahead

EDIUS X is the largest evolution in the series with an innovative new architecture that looks ahead to the next generation of creatives, while further improving the overwhelming real-time editing performance that EDIUS has been proud of. Under the theme of “It’s time to create” , EDIUS Hub connects all applications quickly and efficiently, and realizes strong interlocking. And EDIUS X enables the construction and system integration of various teamwork solutions for the future of video production.

For true professionals

High-performance color grading of 4K HDR that makes the best use of Log / RAW material that holds a wide dynamic range, support for many commercial formats such as XAVC and XF-AVC , tough robustness cultivated at the broadcasting site, EDIUS is software that specializes in professional video editing, such as free video expression and customizability .

In addition, speed

Obtaining a great support from harsh video production sites around the world required immediacy CPU and equipped with fast decoding and rendering engine that take full advantage, 4K or HD resolution and a frame rate different video 1 single It’s comfortable to edit on the timeline and can handle a variety of video files, including the latest professional formats, natively without conversion. In addition, by further optimizing the UI / UX that supports all types of video editing, the response during editing has been improved, and it has become possible to reduce the work time as much as possible.

New features in response to feedback

Equipped with a background rendering function that has been requested by users all over the world. Since the render service runs independently, you can now continue editing operations while exporting or rendering. Then, we added a motion tracking function to the layouter and newly established “tracking mode” and “fixed mode”. “Tracking mode” allows you to track telops and objects according to the movement of a specific part in the video, so you can create high-impact moving titles. Also, in “fixed mode”, you can fix a specific part of the video as if you hit a pin, so you can fix the specified person in the group shot or take a fixed shot of a moving object. I can do it. The layouter motion tracking function has endless uses depending on the idea. In addition, many plug-ins that allow you to modify sounds with simple and high quality, and plug-ins that can create high-impact transitions and titles with abundant templates are now available for free.

Compatible with third party hardware

It supports high quality video output using AJA and Blackmagic hardware. * Detailed information will be published in the FAQ at a later date.

AJA Video Systems
KONA 5, Io 4K Plus, KONA 4, KONA 3G, KONA LHi, Io 4K, KONA 1
* Supports video preview up to 4K 30p
* KONA 5, KONA 1 is a video capture up to 4K 30p (deck control) None)

Blackmagic Design
Intensity Pro 4K, DeckLink SDI 4K, DeckLink Studio 4K, DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G, DeckLink Mini Monitor 4K, UltraStudio 4K Mini, DeckLink 8K Pro
* Supports video previews up to 4K 30p